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About Tim Childs

Tim Childs is an experienced tattoo artist of a number of years working in the Portsmouth area at a tattoo studio called Tebori Custom Tattoo (please forward to the contact section for address and contact details). Tim specialises in Portrait realism, black and grey, bright colour, lettering, old/new skool, traditional and anything else in between. He will work with the client to produce the most perfect piece of art for that individual and will go through an in-depth design process before the needle has even hit the skin, at the end of the day no one want's the same or similar tattoo to someone else (unless of course its a replication or specifically asked for!). Tim's custom design work can be seen in the artwork section of the gallery along with a selection of the tattoos and the quality he produces with each tattoo every time. For more information on how the design process works or just general info on what is best when thinking of getting a tattoo please go to the FAQ section of the website where Tim has put an in-depth run down of exactly what to do.

Tims Rates

Tims rates £60 an hour For design work this can be quoted in house upon having a consultation. Some tattoo pieces are one off designs and can be quoted by size, detail and the amount of work that goes into it, Tim works very quick and very methodically so you know you get what you pay for, remember cheap tattoos aren't good and good tattoos aren't cheap and it will be with you for the rest of your life.